About Me

I'm Parin, a British lass in her late 20s, hailing from a small Lancashire town. I am a journalist and a content creator by trade, but occasionally, I dabble in different social projects. In the formative years of my career, I led various projects with an interfaith, youth, and community development focus. I have a passion for listening to people's stories and making their voices heard. 

Some facts about me:
  1. I'm British, South-Asian, and Muslim - the three facets of my identity.
  2. I was born in London but I've lived most of my life in Lancashire - up north of England.
  3. I can move my ears without touching them - not the best party trick if you wear a headscarf.
  4. Besides English, I know four other languages: Bengali, Urdu, Arabic, and Turkish. Still working on my Spanish though.
  5. According to tests I am 45% introvert and 55% extrovert.